Is SEO the right choice for your business?

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seo for businesses
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SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimization) has become a buzzword nowadays. If you’re not an SEO specialist, you either think your company needs SEO and don’t know a thing about it, or you know you need SEO and think you can do it yourself.

Either way, is SEO even the right thing to do for your company?

Our clients generally ask us about the decision-making factors and how to know if SEO is the right choice when evaluating advertising budgets. To answer that, we’ve listed a few points below:

Importance of SEO for a business

Search engines have replaced the Yellow Pages. If your company paid for an ad on Yellow Pages 15 to 20 years ago, you now definitely need to consider your business to show up on the top of search engine results.

Even B2B (Business-to-Business) customers conduct an online research before reaching out to a company’s sales team.

Google recently introduced Hummingbird, which is its latest algorithm that emphasizes on the intention of the searcher.

It’s good to understand your potential client’s intention, but it’s much better to understand what Google thinks the intention of potential customer is. Knowing this, allows you to optimize your website by creating messages around what Google believes the intention of your potential client is. This not only saves you advertising money, but also drastically increase your leads.

Some of Our SEO Results

In general, we’ve seen a 52% increase in website visitors after implementing an intentional SEO strategy for our clients. On average, it takes about six months to see these results.

Of course, SEO is not the only method to improving your website’s presence on the internet. Before you consider SEO, we recommend the following to be done first to help with your Google ranking:

  1. Create a mobile-friendly website (also known as a Responsive Website). This type of a website adjusts to the screen size of the viewer.
  2. Make sure that your website loads fast. Unfortunately, some websites are hosted on slow servers, have heavy images, or are coded badly. These things can be fixed with a few tweaks to your existing website.

  3. Develop a content strategy that sells and appeals to Google. Your potential customers go to Google for answers, so make sure that your content is answering their questions, so that they end up contacting you and buying from you.


Unfortunately, many SEO firms are using back-hat methods, which worked 8 to 15 years ago but are ineffective today. As a matter of fact, bad SEO can harm your website by dropping its ranking on Google’s search results.

Whether you decide to do SEO in-house or hire a professional, keep in mind that this is not an area where you want to skimp. Getting and maintaining high rankings on customer keywords, then converting them into buyers takes a lot of time and effort.

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