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What is SEO?

seo for higher google ranking

SEO (aka. Search Engine Optimization) is a complex process that makes your website show up higher for relevant search terms on search engines, such as Google.

Basically, SEO improves your visibility within the organic search results.

The reason SEO is so important is because nowadays your potential clients will search for terms that represent your products and services to make a purchase decision. Therefore, you want to make sure that you show up on the top results when someone is looking for your offerings. This is how you capture your target audience.

This means that SEO gives you the power to reach your target audience while they are already looking for you.

Generally, there are two SEO factors that determine a website’s authority to a search engine. One is called Onsite SEO and the other is called Offsite SEO. Both are equally important to rank higher on search engines such as Google.

Importance of SEO

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