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We’re an award-winning internet marketing agency and consulting firm in Seattle, Washington. The difference between us and everyone else is that we both strategize and execute the strategy. For example, if we create a website, it’ll be from the marketing prospective, which means we make sure that it achieves our client’s objective (increasing revenue, creating brand awareness, etc.)

city of auburn is a client of our internet marketing agency and consulting firm

washington state innovation partnership zones is a client of our internet marketing agency and consulting firm

washington court reporters association is a client of our internet marketing agency and consulting firm

auburn downtown association is a client of our internet marketing agency and consulting firm

paralyzed veterans of america is a client of our internet marketing agency and consulting firm


As an internet marketing agency, we provide services that are essential to having an online presence. It all starts with having a website, but then potential clients need to know about it and make a purchase – that’s where everything else falls into place!

Web Design

A website is the first step to creating an online presence, as it is literally your virtual storefront. Our web design agency creates professionally made responsive websites that are mobile-friendly and follow Google’s guidelines and best practices.

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If potential clients search Google for products/services that you happen to offer and your website doesn’t show up on their search results, then, it’s like you don’t exist. Our web design agency make sure that your website is always searchable.

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Analytics is the process of gathering data to get a better understanding of your website visitors’ behavior. This data helps run a streamlined and focused internet marketing campaign in the future based on facts and numbers, and eliminates the guessing game.

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Website Content

Websites with new content attract new visitors and keep them coming back. If your website is outdated, then they won’t come back to learn more about your products and services. We can take care of that, while you focus on your day-to-day operations.

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Social Media Strategy

Having a social media page is like having a stand at a trade show. The trick is to make sure that your brand is visible to your target audience within all that noise. Our team can create that brand awareness for you and drive traffic to your website!

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Video Production

Email marketing is the best way to convert target audiences into paying customers. Our web design agency will create targeted email databases from social media campaigns and blogs, and then track the performance of the email campaign to increase sales.

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As an internet marketing consulting firm, we use the latest internet technologies to provide solutions that help businesses solve specific problems. Basically, these solutions take businesses from Point A (the problem) to Point B (the solution).

Generating Sales Leads

Sales is important for every business to survive and prosper. However, your sales team and your email marketing campaigns need a database of contacts to reach out to. That’s where we help you find these contacts and identify the ones that are the most likely to become customers.

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Launching a Product

Whether you want to launch a new product or relaunch an existing product, our job is to make sure that we use the most proven internet marketing techniques to identify your most ideal target audience and the most effective online channels for reaching them with your message.

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Pricing a Product

To find out what your “optimum price” is, while still remaining attractive to clients, you’ll need to find out how much your customers are willing to pay you and how much your competitors are charging. We can help you figure that out, while making sure that all your costs are also covered.

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Creating Brand Loyalty

Effective brands have a strong identity that consumers can relate to. This is mostly driven by a deep understanding of the consumer’s psychology, and therefore, you must develop the ability to make that mental connection.

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Identifying Your Audience

Identifying your target audience maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This helps allocate your resources to the right efforts, which saves you both time and money.

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Reaching Your Audience

Once the target audience is identified, you have to then figure out where they are and where they’re looking for your products to purchase. Depending on that, a strategy is formed and an action plan for reaching them.

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“The most impressive aspects are Geeky Devils' management, professionalism, experience, and follow-through on commitments.”

Douglas LeinEconomic Development Manager, City of Auburn

“I couldn’t have asked for a better service.”

Monna NickesonPresident, Washington Court Reporters Association

“I appreciate the diversity Geeky Devils brings in working with me. They bring in fresh ideas.”

Barbara AtropsExecutive Director, Auburn Downtown Association
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