Why is SEO Important for Businesses?

Having an SEO presence is very important to any business looking for customer online. Therefore, in this blog post we will talk about why SEO is so important in the digital world and what you can do to increase the chances of ranking your business higher than your competitors.

Constant Flow of Free Traffic

SEO is the best type of traffic you can get, but if done right, it will also be a free source of traffic.

As a digital marketing agency, we know how quickly an ad budget can run out with paid advertising, but with organic SEO, all the traffic you generate will be forever free.

Obviously, it’s not a bad idea to have both paid ads and organic traffic bringing you traffic, but you can’t deny how important and fruitful an SEO campaign that brings a constant flow of free traffic can be for any business.

Builds A Lot of Trust

When searchers look up information or services online, they usually stick to the first page knowing quite well that Google has selected the “cream of the crop” for them to choose from in those first ten listings.

If Google trusts you enough to put you on the first page, or better yet in the #1 spot, you best believe that the customers will trust you as well.

Being on that first page can give you instant credibility and we all know how important having a customer base that trusts you can be.

Find the Right Customers

Another useful tool for doing digital marketing is social media, but “social” does have a roadblock that organic SEO doesn’t and that is; the right audience finds you.

With social, especially if you are buying up ads, then you need to know where your target audience is, how to find and them and how to target them. With SEO, the right audience finds you, or better yet the services you offer.

If you manage to get ranked in the first page for their search term, then you will be getting thousands of free organic traffic that trust you and are hungry for your services (or information).

Organic Traffic Has Buy-Intent

Another great benefit of SEO-driven organic traffic is that if you know how to target the right keywords, you can find the buyers out there who are ready to purchase your services.

For example, keywords that include:

“where to buy”
“how to buy”
“buy _____ online”

these are all keywords targeted by people who are looking to make a purchase (as you can imagine nobody will type “how to buy an electric oven” just for fun).

If you can find these types of keywords and get your site ranked for such terms, you not only get free targeted traffic but you’re getting free targeted traffic that is ready to convert and make a purchase from you.

It Opens New Possibilities

Another reason why SEO is important for a business is that SEO can sometimes take on “a life of it own” and if you are producing content on a regular basis, the chances are that Google will also rank you for keywords that you have not thought of either.

We see this happening many, many times here at Geeky Devils Web Solutions with our SEO clients and this extra exposure can lead to numerous more conversions and ideas on where, what and how to target the next.

If you think your business can benefit from search engine optimization, get in touch with our in-house SEO experts for a no-obligation consultation.